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Finca Vigia library
Hemingway's library at Finca Vigia - Museo Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway loved Cuba so much that he considered himself a “Cubano Sato” - which translates to a garden variety Cuban...

Hemingway felt a kinship with the Cuban people, and was inspired by many of his experiences while he was in Cuba and on the waters surrounding the island nation.

In response, the Cuban people have showed equal admiration. Today a Hemingway industry flourishes in Havana - where his image is seen nearly as much as other famous Cuban icons.

This site takes a look at the many connections of Hemingway and Cuba:

  • the writer's life on the island
  • his passion for marlin fishing & the Hemingway Billfish Tournament
  • his favorite Havana bars
  • the soon-to-be-built Hemingway Hotel



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